Agilia™ is a self-placing and self-compacting concrete that speeds up construction work as it is very fluid and spreads effortlessly with no vibration required. Compared to normal concrete, Agilia™ provides an exceptional, high aesthetic finish and is an ideal match for formwork pouring. Its formulas are based on cutting-edge knowledge of mechanical and chemical phenomena that govern green-concrete rheology, from in-plant mixing to formwork setting.

Agilia™ significantly helps reduce concrete surface rework. Improper placement of concrete can result in honeycombs, bug holes and poor finishing. Agilia™ also allows concrete pours to be carried out in urban areas without disrupting surrounding residents as it reduces noise pollution substantially due to its no vibration features.


  • Reduced efforts on site when placing the concrete.
  • Faster placing process.
  • High-quality fill for vertical components.
  • Fewer pouring points.
  • High surface quality to meet the most demanding needs.
  • Astonishingly flat for slabs and floors.
  • No vibration required reducing noise impact.