FASTBUILD Monolithic Building System is the fastest cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structure construction method in Malaysia. Through this innovative solution, buildings can now be built with speed, cost efficiency, and consistent quality. This method promotes safety within building sites due to the minimal labour required, thus reducing potential human error. The use of more durable materials also reduces safety hazards.

FASTBUILD is an innovative building system that allows the complete concrete structure to be formed in a fast and efficient manner. Walls, slabs, lift cores, stairs, balconies, doors, and window openings can be formed all at once, unlike other systems in which walls and slabs are formed separately. FASTBUILD also enables building structures to be rapidly constructed with high accuracy.


With FASTBUILD, the structure of a typical floor can be completed within 4 days.

DAY 01

Installation of vertical rebar and wall formwork.

DAY 02

Installation of deck formwork and bottom slab B.R.C

DAY 03

Installation of M & E, top slab B.R.C and drop frame. Rmwork alignment.

DAY 04

Concreting process begins.



  • Speed of Construction
    FASTBUILD’s monolithic feature enables all structural elements (walls, floors, staircase, balconies, windows, and door openings) to be formed all together.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Cost efficiency is achieved through shorter construction time.
  • Better Quality
    Eliminates time and cost in rectifying poorly finished concrete.
  • High Accuracy
    Achieved high CONQUAS score.
  • Ease of Construction
    Easy assembly process because of lightweight aluminium formwork which can be manually maneuvered, minimising heavy lifting equipment.
  • Design Flexibility
    FASTBUILD can be custom designed to suit various project needs.
  • Faster Cashflow
    Progressive billing can be done faster as walls, slabs, roof ceiling, M&E are all casted together.
  • Technical Know-How
    Combined expertise from both formwork and concrete experts.
  • Stringent Safety Standards
    Integrated safety and working platform encircles the perimeter of the building to ensure worker safety. This eliminates the necessity of traditional scaffolding methods.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Aluminium formwork is reusable up to 300 times and 100% recyclable.