A high strength performing cement speically designed to meet your pre-cast business needs. Harimau is the ideal choice of cement for the manufacturing of various high strength pre-cast products such as cement bricks, blocks, and concrete products. Being the first-ever cement brand in Malaysia, Harimau has amassed a strong heritage as a reputable cement brand. Launched in the 1950s, this superior quality cement was used in almost every construction site.

It is available at 50 kg.


  • Quicker Drying & Rapid Hardening
    Its high early strength development and excellent setting time enables your concrete mixes to dry and set rapidly.
  • Faster De-Mould
    Harimau allows you to de-mould your products faster and ensures that your products are de-moulded in good condition.
  • Increase Business Output
    With Harimau’s fast de-moulding benefit, you will be able to increase your business output and enjoy greater efficiency.