Harimau Cement

Harimau is our first heritage cement brand specializes in precast and concreting needs. This high strength performing cement is formulated for fast demoulding, bonding and the most ideal choice for faster-concreting applications.

This cement is highly recommended for precast, structural concreting and brick and block making.

To ensure superior and consistent quality, Harimau is tested regularly using our patented quality control system.


  • MS EN197-1:2014
  • CEM 52.5N
  • CEM 42.5R
  • Suitable for all Precast and Structural Concreting applications.


    • Quicker Drying & Rapid Hardening
      Its high early strength development and excellent setting time enables your concrete mixes to dry and set rapidly.
    • Faster De-Mould
      Harimau allows you to de-mould your products faster and ensures that your products are de-moulded in good condition.
    • Increase Business Output
      With Harimau’s fast de-moulding benefit, you will be able to increase your business output and enjoy greater efficiency.