Hydromedia is a newly engineered fast draining concrete pavement solution that directs water off the walkways, car porch and swimming pool deck.

It is a cutting-edge development that minimizes the cost and long-term maintenance for local authorities and developers of stormwater management.


  • Efficient stormwater management
    * Rapid water removal, water-free surfaces.
    * Safer roads and parking areas; no standing water.
    * Reduced risk of flash flooding; high permeability and drainage capacity.
  • Environmental management
    * Minimizes urban impact on natural water cycle.
    * Provides natural groundwater recharge in urban environments.
    * Reduced pollution in stormwater (filter for particulate).
    * More efficient use of land (reduced footprint).
  • Reduced costs
    * Reduced stormwater management costs; no need for piping, catchment basins and infiltration galleries.
    * Reduced long-term maintenance costs; high-strength surface, lack of raveling.
  • Ease of placement
    * Greater fluidity means better flow into formwork; easier to place.
    * Easier to predict volumes from production to paving; more consistency.
  • Aesthetic appeal
    * Smoother, cleaner look than other permeable pavements.
    * Finished in a wide range of shades; red, blue, yellow etc.
Hydromedia Walkway