Mascrete LH™

Mascrete LH

MASCRETE LH is the trade name of a specially manufactured Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement (PFA) [also called Portland-fly ash Cement] by Lafarge Malayan Cement Berhad.

MASCRETE LH exceeds the quality requirements specified in the Malaysian Standard MS1227:2003 - Specification for Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement and MS 522: 2007 CEM II/B-V (which is based on BS EN 197) Composition, Specifications & Conformity Criteria for Common Cements.

MASCRETE LH is manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring, conforming to requirements under SIRIM’s Product Certification Licence MS ISO/IEC 17025.


  • BS 8100 Part 1, Clause stipulates that “when the minimum dimension of the concrete to be placed in a single time is greater than 600 mm and especially when the cement content is 400kg/m3 or more, measures to reduce the temperature such as using material with a lower release of Heat of Hydration should be considered.”
  • Reduction in peak and differential temperature will serve to minimise or prevent micro-thermal cracking thereby avoiding the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement.
  • The lower Heat of Hydration of MASCRETE LH will minimise the risk of micro-thermal cracking and enhance the durability of concrete structures.