Morpla Series

Morpla Series

Morpla Series is a ready-to-use stabilised mortar for brick laying and plastering. Produced from high quality cement, sand, water and special chemical admixtures. It offers longer workability for up to 8 hours. Morpla Series will start to dry when it is in contact with bricks. Unlike conventional manual mix mortar, Morpla Series does not need further mixing at the work site.


  • Consistent Quality:
    - Morpla Series is produced in Lafarge RMX plants.
    - Its raw materials are tested and measured accurately before batching under strictly controlled conditions.
    - Customers can be assured of its consistent quality.
  • Convenience:
    - Delivered to work sites every morning.
    - Morpla Series is ready for use without any further mixing.
    - Its workability can last up to 8 hours.
  • More Efficient:
    - Morpla Series allows bricklaying and plastering to be done more efficiently, without any delay from mortar mixing.
  • Cost Saving:
    - Morpla Series can help reduce the costs associated with poor site-mixed mortar as site mixing is significantly reduced.
    - Consistency of the Morpla Series can reduce the risk of poor adhesion and wall defects.
  • Reduce Wastages and Storage:
    - With Morpla Series, only minimal storage of materials on site is required.
    - This reduces loss of cement and sand due to rain breakage, theft and cement hardening.