Rumah Cement

Rumah is a versatile general purpose cement that is easy to use with better workability and gives superior finishing for your walls and floors, without the need to mix additives. This special cement formulation is designed for all building construction applications to provide excellent workability in all situations.

RThis Portland Limestone Cement is produced with specially selected high quality materials to comply with Malaysia Standard MS EN 197-1:2014.


  • MS EN 197-1:2014
  • CEM II/B-LL 32.5R.
  • To ensure its superior quality, we carefully test Rumah cement regularly, using our patented quality control system.

    Rumah is packed in 50KG paper bags and can be purchased through leading building material distribution companies and hardware retail outlets

    Rumah is suitable for bricklaying, plastering, tiling, grouting, screeding, and concreting.

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  • Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use with better workability, thus reducing mixing time

  • Value for money, no need to add mix additives to get superior finishing quality.