Thin Plaster+ 386

Thin Plaster+ 386

A polymer-modified cement-sand render with excellent adhesion performance and semi-smooth finish that suitable for Block Wall and Reinforced Concrete (RC) wall.

Thin Plaster+ 386 is specially formulated to be used as the undercoat for all types of block walls. It is also suitable to be used as the spatteredash coat on concrete surfaces on interior and exterior use. Hardened Thin Plaster+386 surface can be further smoothened wih Skim Coat - base and top coat.

It is packed in 40KG paper bags and can be purchased through leading building material distribution companies and hardware retail outlets

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  • Premixed with consistent semi-smooth finish quality for high workability and excellent crack control performance.
  • Excellent adhesion for strong wall construction.
  • High durability, water and weather resistant.
  • Highly recommended for QLASSIC/ CONQUAS requirement.
  • Convenient to use.