Top Standard

Top Standard Cement

Top Standard is a signature general purpose cement that is renowned for its incredible flexibility and adaptability for most applications in construction.

It is manufactured using the highest quality material through the stringent production process to ensure consistency and reliability of the product.

Top Standard is produced with the ambition to reduce the environmental carbon footprint for all type of construction.

This composite cement is produced with Pulverized Fly Ash (PFA) that develops higher long-term strength for superior durability of structures.

  • MS EN 197-1:2014
  • CEM IV/B (V) 32.5R
  • Eco-Label Environmental Friendly Cement by SIRIM QAS International.
  • Top Standard is packed in 50KG paper bags and can be purchased through leading building material distribution companies and hardware retail outlets.

    Top Standard is suitable for bricklaying, plastering, tiling, grouting, screeding, and concreting.

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    • High performance product, coupled with smooth finishing for faster and flawless execution.
    • Excellent workability.
    • Cost savings.
    • Improved finishings.
    • Quality control - product's chemical compositions and physical properties are carefully controlled.