Ultra™ Series High Strength

Ultra Series High Strength

Ultra™ Series High Strength is a range of high performance concrete with specific compressive strength of 50MPa and above. It is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements in terms of durability, modulus of elasticity, and flexural strength. It helps to gain early strength, ease of placement and compaction without segregation, low shrinkage, and even reduces the total volume of concrete for a load-bearing member.


Ultra Series™ High Strength is applicable to most internal and external structures including:

  • Residential and commercial structures.
  • Bridges and civil engineering works.
  • Heavy industrial applications.
  • Precast and prestressed elements.
  • Concrete frame structures.
  • Aggressive environments.
  • Embedding ducts or pipes.
  • Any structure that requires high strength.


    Ultra Series™ High Strength provides economic benefits through design of slender structural elements and reduces time of construction:

    • Thinner columns/elements.
      - Reduces material costs.
      - Lesser element weight.
      - Greater usable space.
      - Improves build time.
    • Increases ultimate strength.
    • Reduces permeability.
    • Longer life span- higher durability.
    • Improves sulphate and chloride resistance.
    • Tailored technical mix designs according to customer’s needs..
    • Easy to place and cost effective.