Ultra™ Series PP Fiber

Ultra Series PP Fiber

Ultra™ Series PP Fiber is specially developed to reduce plastic shrinkage cracks. The addition of polypropylene fibers give concrete a multi-directional reinforcement, which allows stresses to be redistributed and offers the possibility of eliminating the use of crack control wire mesh. Besides, it helps to improve impact resistance of hardened concrete, cohesiveness and workability of concrete. On the other hand, it reduces explosive spalling of high strength, low permeability concrete that is exposed to fire.


Ultra™ PP Fiber can be used in all types of construction. It is mainly used for:

  • Residential buildings:
    Ground floor slabs, terrace, swimming pools, screeds, basements, parking areas, terraces, and sloped access.
  • Commercial buildings:
    Roof slabs (together with necessary waterproofing), ground floor slabs, car parks, tanks, and screed mortars.
  • Infrastructure:
    Driveway and walkways with light traffic, tunnels, shotcrete, pavements, and car parks.
  • Other structures:
    Marine structures, precast products, and water retaining structures.


  • Improves concrete quality by reducing plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • Eliminates the need for crack control wire mesh, its installation, as well as cutting and adjusting, thus reducing working time and quicker completion.
  • Hassle free and safe to use as no steel is present in the product to reduce injuries or accidents.
  • Easier construction process and only has one solution for concrete placement and plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • Cost effective.