Ultra™ Series Steel Fiber

Ultra Series Steel Fiber

Ultra™ Series Steel Fiber is a user friendly product with increased ductility allowing a superior load bearing capacity and a better crack control. It increases concrete tensile and flexural strength, improves residual strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance plus reduces plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage cracks.


Ultra Series™ Steel Fiber can be used in most horizontal structures, such as:

  • Industrial and commercial floorså
  • Warehouses and fabrication yards
  • Heavy duty flooring
  • Airport pavements and bridge decks
  • Housing pavements
  • Parking areas
  • Tunneling


    • Eliminates the need for wire mesh and rebar reinforcement.
    • Cost saving, reduces wastage that arises from rebar corrosion and trimming.
    • Hassle free and safe to use as no steel is present in the product to reduce injuries or accidents.
    • Shortened construction time.
    • Ease of application as the concrete can be discharged directly from the mixer truck without damaging the reinforcement.
    • Homogeneous and consistent quality as steel fibers are dosed accurately at ready mix concrete plants.