Walcrete Cement

Walcrete is the most trusted brand for plastering applications in Malaysia. This high-performance product is produced under a stringent process to ensure consistent product quality.

This product significantly improves the execution of work with better water retention and mortar cohesiveness. With good wall preparation, we can prevent the occurrence of wall efflorescence issues.

To ensure superior and consistent quality, we which intergrind it to a high fineness, and test Walcrete regularly using our patented quality control system.


  • MS EN 413-1: 2012
  • MS EN 413-1 MC 12.5
  • Walcrete is packed in 50KG paper bags and can be purchased through leading building material distribution companies and hardware retail outlets.

    Highly recommended for interior and exterior plastering applications, including pebble-dash and rough cast.

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    • For builders: Better bonding, workability and easy-to apply.
    • For Homeowners: Prevents efflorescence issues that occur without good wall preparation.