Health & Safety

As a top priority at Lafarge, health and safety extends beyond the production sites to the complete supply chain, customer sites and third parties. We ensure that all procedures are done safely, putting in place safeguards and processes to ensure that no employee, contractor or third party should lose their lives while working with us.

Visible Personal Commitment (VPC)

Visible Personal Commitment (VPC) refers to personal engagement in building a safer workplace, considering that clear commitment and involvement of management in improving health and safety performances is vital to constructing a positive safety culture. Open discussions that are conducted focus on each individual’s personal behaviours, thus creating an opportunity to reinforce good health and safety practices and behaviours in individuals, as well as opening a chance for everyone to support health and safety in the field.

Visible Personal Commitment (VPC) is not to be mistaken or misunderstood as an activity of workplace inspection or audit. It differs from toolbox talks, safety chats, and training. It is also not a hazard spotting exercise to catch people “doing something wrong”, nor is it a “tick the box” exercise.

Why demonstrate Visible Personal Commitment (VPC)?

Reduce and avoid incidents and injuries.

Improve employee commitment and engagement.

Steps towards Visible Personal Commitment (VPC)

Introduce yourself

Confirm understanding

Agree on actions

Reinforce importance

Encourage ongoing communication

Awards received due to the good Health & Safety practice

Presented with the Focused Recognition Award by PETRONAS.

The Focused Recognition Award by Petronas was received for our Drive ID Tag System that we introduced and applied to all our mixer supplier truck drivers at the project sites, which has raised our health and safety performance drastically. The system educated the drivers to be more compliant and mindful, thus reducing truck-related incidents at the refinery and petrochemical integrated development (RAPID) project.