We operate a nationwide network of facilities for efficient distribution and to ensure uninterrupted supply of cement for our customers. Get more information here.



We operate a nationwide network of facilities which include three integrated cement plants in Langkawi, Kanthan and Rawang, two grinding plants in Pasir Gudang, one terminal in Westport, one depot in Shah Alam as well as distribution channels. We move cement by road, rail, and sea, and the strategic locations of our facilities give us the flexibility to ensure uninterrupted supply of cement.

Logistics Services

Lafarge ProSolutions Truck

Logistics Operational Center

Logistics Operation Center, is the centralized logistics planning hub of cement delivery in Lafarge Malaysia. The team is structured with collaboration of customer care and logistics planning. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by sharing updated dispatch information.

The business provides 24/7 service which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In achieving service excellence, the team is able to handle multi-languages such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Mandarin, etc.

The LOC Special Project Team is dedicated to managing day-to-day cement delivery for mega project plants. Mega Project Plants require special attention is ensure that there is zero interruption of supply. A dedicated team is assigned to gain a deeper understanding of customer requirement or processes. We believe great things are born in tight collaboration between us and our customers, therefore we have a dedicated team for special projects to aim and achieve for the best.

GPS Tracking

Our trucks are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) which receives real time updates.

GPS enables us to have visibility of all trucks on a single platform. It allows us to track each truck’s location to ensure every order arrives at our customers’ sites up until it is discharged into our customers’ silos.

Drivers will be accountable to drive responsibly with appropriate speeds when the GPS tracking device is installed. This will lead to a much safer trip so that the load arrives on time at our customers’ sites.

Lafarge ProSolutions Truck

DMS – Delivery Apps

Delivery Monitoring System (DMS), is an app developed to allow customers to track truck movement after the weight-out process from our plant. By giving customers real-time information about vehicles’ activities, it provides them with a peace of mind and can also improve their own responses to an incident. By providing direct access to view vehicles in real-time, we are exhibiting the competence of our reliable processes. This is important because a reliable business partner is a vital aspect of any working relationship.


Cement delivery “In Full” is a challenge in our industry. “Unauthorized diversion” mostly happened with collaboration between drivers and site personnel.

Project Grande is a premium service to our customer in order to have a “Secure & Guaranteed” delivery. A differentiated service in the marketplace by different functionality and usability to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A dedicated team to monitor end-to-end route of every single delivery. We will notify customer upon any suspicious delivery

Grande +

It is an inventory management solution that closely monitors silo stock to prevent stock-out at customers’ sites. For subscribed customers, silo sensors will be installed at customer silos. We track or monitor the level of stock in a web-based and report the need for replenishment when necessary.