Special Project Team

When you engage the Lafarge Special Projects Team, you will get a team of experienced professionals who are stationed on-site and dedicated to meeting all of your concrete requirements 24-7.


Now you can turn those
challenges into opportunities.

We have taken the experience of over 100 years of history working in 61 countries to come up with a suite of customised solutions to cater to your every need. From teams dedicated to your project, to our state-of-the-art Lafarge Innovation Hub, every challenge now really does become an opportunity.

1. Challenge:

With the ever-growing demand of various infrastructure and buildings in the industry, the ability to create or procure customized concrete and cement in order to meet the requirements of customers has become a challenge.


Our Solution:

The Lafarge Innovation Hub, the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia, is focused on developing customised concrete and cement solutions. Here, you have access to industry experts across the world, and can draw on their expertise to meet your specific needs.

2. Challenge:

Under construction management, it can be challenging to ensure that the health and safety of workers as well as the sustainable planning for environmental protection are in compliance with international construction regulations and standards.


Our Solution:

As your project rises to the international stage, HSE has become a necessary badge. Lafarge is a global industry leader committed to safe construction, sustainable development, and environmental protection. We push boundaries, ensuring our methods yield the highest standards. We pioneered site assessments and continue to practice them, ensuring our people and plants comply with international regulations. With a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) we also operate on the highest efficiency in resource usage and waste reduction.

3. Challenge:

With the progression and growth of various projects, it is inevitable that the requirements for these projects undergo constant new changes.


Our Solution:

We know from experience that as projects grow, requirements change. That is why we will dedicate a team of experts to your project, giving you the flexibility and confidence to meet those new requirements.

4. Challenge:

To ensure that production is top-notch at all times, quality control for all systems in the industry can be very strict.


Our Solution:

Lafarge has been at the forefront of quality control, preventive maintenance, and logistics efficiency in the construction material industry. In fact, many of the monitoring and control systems developed by us have been adopted by our peers across the industry, the best endorsement yet of our innovative solutions.

5. Challenge:

Tight deadlines represent one of the many challenges for the construction industry that strongly highlights the importance of punctuality for smoother operations.


Our Solution:

By drawing on the experience of our global support network, we have a proven track record in delivering solutions to complex problems – on time. Some of our innovative solutions include keeping a backup plant on standby for your project, and fitting all of our trucks with GPS so we know where your concrete mix is all the time.

6. Challenge:

Logistics can be a difficult component to monitor and control due to the various project locations.


Our Solution:

Lafarge understands the difficulty of logistic support especially for challenging project locations.With that in mind, Lafarge extended network of plants, resources & mobilization flexibility is our assurance of reliability.


Consultancy & Design.

Project Management.



Asset Management.


From Concept To Delivery

In order to give you the best options at every turn, we have developed a five-step methodology that breaks the project down into manageable stages:



  •  Identify requirements.
  •  Consider cost, time, safety, and the environment.
  • Assist with specifications that comply with the above.


  • To create a project specific quality control/assurance plan.
  • Design on-site plant, based on volume requirements and land availability.
  • Work collaboratively to finalize mix design.


  • Obtain all necessary legal approval.
  • Construct on-site facilities such as batching plant, concrete cooling facilities, laboratory and office facilities.
  • Mobilise dedicated project team.
  • Ensure staff, site, and machinery meet strict Health & Safety requirements.
  • Perform trial mixes.
  • Continually evaluate needs and expectations.


  • Ensure strict adherence to the Quality Control Plan.
  • Use efficient ordering procedures to ensure seamless delivery.
  • Implement the Preventive Maintenance Plan.
  • Monitor logistics efficiency.
  • Ensure Health & Safety requirements are followed.
  • Ascertain stringent implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) for noise and dust control, as well as waste and wastewater management.


  • Identify areas for key learning and improvement.
  • Gain feedback and insight through customer interviews.
  • Establish a blueprint for future improvement.