Training and Technical support are recognized as an important value-added service in providing our customers technical assistance to test, innovate, troubleshoot and optimise their construction operations.




Technical Support is recognized as an important element in differentiation.

Lowering the overall cost position and ensuring customer see value in our products and service.

Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy.

  1. Technical Support offers testing through its mobile laboratory units and each of our laboratory in our fleet is equipped to conduct on site trial mixes, raw materials testing, non-destructive testing, mix design optimization and others. The usage of mobile laboratory services will expedite testing and this timely results will assist in better decision making and faster turnaround.
  2. Technical advise and mix design development for new products.
  3. Organize site training and in-situ testing to evaluate product performances.
  4. Technical Forums and Discovery Labs.

Technical support for aggregate needs.


  1. Referral for any aggregate technical enquiries for building and
    infrastructure usage.
  2.  Aggregate products testing for our quarries on monthly basis and respond to plant’s any technical enquiries related to aggregate testing.
  3. Offering as product solution.
  4. Conduct aggregate product testing in our Innovation Hub’s laboratory for internal and external customers. Our laboratory is accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 SAMM.

Technical support for cementitious.


  1. Provide technical support for any cementitious technical enquiries such as PFA, GGBS and Silica Fume.
  2. Responsible for in-house and third party laboratory testing, including technical report submission and obtaining third party test certificate.
  3. Provide technical support as part of product solution.
  4. Assist in product comparison evaluation by using different types of cementitious.

Technical Support Training & Specification.


  1. Organized tailored training modules and workshops to our customers.
  2. Organized visits to Cement School Plant and Lafarge Innovation Hub to enrich customer awareness and knowledge about product characteristic.
  3. Continue to engage with customer’s customer to create pull factor for Lafarge products and create awareness.

Our Specialties

1. Develop & advice suitable mix design by providing alternative solutions.
2. Mobile Laboratories.
3. Training, Forums & Discovery Labs for Customers.

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Lafarge provides a comprehensive range of training solutions to fulfill all training consultancy needs of your company.

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